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Have been (to)和have gone(to)的区别


Have been (to)和 have gone(to)的区别: “have been (to)”指“曾经到过某地”,说话时此人已经不在那里,已经 回来、侧重指经历。I have been to America. 我去过美国。 “have gone (to)”指“已经去某地了、到某地去了”,说话时此人在那里, 或可能在路上,反正不在这里。He has gone to America. 他已经去了美国。 Where is Zhang Yang ? He _____ _____ _____Yongxin. 张扬在哪儿?他去永新了 :I ____ ____ _____ Guosheng eight times 我去过国胜八次。 have /has been to 意思是___________ /have /has gone to 意思是___________ (其中 have/ has 是______/) 练*: 1.I have been to an amusement park.(一般疑问句) ______ you _______ to an amusement park? Yes , I _________.\No, I ___________. I _________ __________ to an amusement park.( 否定句) 2. I have been to the zoo a lot of times. 答语______________. ( 我也是) I’ve never been to a water park. 答语____________\ I haven’t _____.( 我也没去过)

B、观察 分析
1 I have been to an amusement park 2 He has lived here since 1992. 结论:现在完成时基本结构:________ + _________其中 have/has 定义(一) :现在完成时表示过去 或已完成的 对现在造成 的 ,常与 already, yet, just,before, ever, never, once, twice, many times,so far 等时间状语连用: Eg:_____ you _____ (have)your lunch yet?Yes,I have. I _____ already ______(read)this book. 现在完成时用法(二) :现在完成时也表示从过去某一时间开始一直持续到现在的 动作或状态。要与 for + 一段时间, since + 过去的时间点/过去时的从句等时间 状语连用,并且表示持续动作或状态的动词一定是延续性动词。 Eg:① I have studied English since last year. 我从去年开始学*英语。 ② She has lived in Beijing for five years. 她住在北京已经五年了。 短暂性动词变为延续性动词: buy --- have borrow ---keep join --be in / be a member of become --- be a member die --- be dead begin / start --- be on enter / come / arrive / get to / reach --be in/at go / leave for / set off / set out --- be away from ⑷ 现在完成时与一般过去时的区别 现在完成时表示过去发生的某一动作对现在_____的影响和结果,强调的是____的 情况, 所以它______和表示过去的时间状语连用如: yesterday, last night, three weeks ago, in 1990 等。而一般过去时只表示______的动作或状态,和现在不发 生关系,它可以和表示过去的时间状语连用。如:He has lived here since 1992.

1992 年以来他一直住在这里。 (他____还住在这里)He lived here in 1992. 1992 年他住在这里。 (并不涉及他现在是否住在这里) C、观察、分析 1.He has been to Gaoping a lots of times . me,too 2. I`ve never been to a water park .me neither 结论:表同做一件事肯定时用_____ ________ 否定时用____ _______ 记住 neither... nor 意思是:既不---也不 这个短语做主语时采用就*原则 。 观察: Neither I nor she has been to Beijing.我和她都没有去过北京。 这里主语______ 与谓语最* 所以用______ 三.巩固练*(先独立完成后讲解) ( )1. ----_____ you ever _____ to an aquarium? ----Yes, we had a good time there. A. Have, gone ( ( ( ( A. has come to A. died A. have visited B. Had, been B. came to B. has died B. visited C. Have, been C. has been in C. has been dead C. was visiting C. before D. just now ) 2. She _____ Shanghai for a month. ) 3. Lu Xun _____ since fifty years ago. ) 4. I _____ my grandpa last Sunday. ) 5. Have you ever seen him ________? A. ago B. two days ago

四.课堂小结 五.拓展提高 1. [10· 晋江中考]—Hello! May I speak to Kate? —Sorry, she isn’t here now. She _____ to Shanghai. A. went B. has bee C. has gone 2. —Have you ever ______ the moon? —No, never. A. been to B. gone to C. going to D. went to 3. —Who will send you to the new school, your mom or your dad? —______ . I’ll go there alone. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

Unit9 Have you been to an amusement park?导学案编写宋玉荣 Period 2 SectionA (3a-4)
character seen theme attraction cruise route island especially on board roller coaster 过山车 end up 结束 hear of 听说 in fact 事实上 for example 举个

例子 argue with sb. 与某人争吵 take a ride 兜风 travel to

Ⅱ.语法:现在完成时 Have/has +动词过去分词 新知导学 找出短语: 1.迪斯尼乐园______________ 2.米老鼠____________3.唐老鸭___________
4.人物:角色___________5.主题___________6.有吸引力的事物___________ 7.过山车___________8.巡游___________9.甲板___________ 10.在船上___________11.路线___________12.以??结束___________ 13.岛屿___________14.特别,尤其___________ 预*课本 70 页,找出下列词组。 1、大多数 2、听说 3、事实上 4、全世界 5、例如 6、在船上 7、过山车 8、看到某人正在做某事 9、一直,总是 10、去某地旅行 11、多于,超过 12、与某人争吵 13、主题公园 14、水上世界 15、过得愉快 16、结束,结果为┄

翻译下列句子 1. 我们中大多数人可能听说过米老鼠.唐老鸭和其他的一些有名的迪士尼人物. 2. 迪士尼乐园是一个游乐场,但我们也可以称它为主题公园.
3.你在游乐场能够发现的常见的吸引人的东西迪斯尼乐园都有。 4. 这就是说在过山车里你随处都能找到迪士尼人物. 5. 你始终能看到迪士尼动物在迪士尼乐园走来走去. 6 你始终能看到迪士尼动物在迪士尼乐园走来走去. 7.你曾经听说过迪斯尼巡游舰吗?. 8. 这些船行使不同的路线,可他们最终都抵达同一个地方。 9,。迪斯尼乐园有如此多的乐趣。 10. 你曾经去省外旅游过吗?


二.新知探究,合作,展示。理解 3a 做选择
1.The roller coaster is themed with____________ A. Mickey Mouse B. Disney characters C. Donald puck 2.The boats take different routes, but ___________ A.they all end up in the same place B.It’s just so much fun in Disneyland. C.they like Mickey Mouse 3. Disneyland is _______________ A. a buiding B. a hill C. an amusement park 4. What don`t we do in the Disneyland ? A. We can sleep and eat B. we can see movies C. we can take a ride on the boat D we can play computer games and basketball

Unit9 Have you been to an amusement park?导学案编写宋玉荣 Period3 SectionB (1a-2c) P71
导学目标:Ⅰ.词汇和短语:want to do sb need to do sth starting doing Ⅱ.重点句型
It’s fun to learn another language Have you been to ?? How long have you been studing English?

an English-speaking country

现在完成时用法二:表示过去已经开始,持续到现在的动作或状态。常与 for /since 连用,而且要求动词是延续性动词或表示状态的的词语,提问用 how long。若动词 为非延续性动词,要转换为延续性动词。如:

borrow--keep buy--have arrive--be here begin---be on come back—be back die--- be dead leave—be away open---be open ( ( ( ) 1). His father ______ the Party since 1978. A. joined A. been B. has joined B. gone C. was in D. has been in —About two months. ) 2). —How long have you ____ here ? C. come ) 3). Hurry up! The A. has begun

D. arrived C. has been on D. began

TV play _____ for ten minutes. B. had begun

4 )His uncle died two years ago. (同义句)His uncle has_____ ___for two

years. 巩固练*( ) 1. Mr Smith has been in Shanghai _____a week.A.since B for C.after D.in ( ) 2.We have known each other _____ we were young. A.for B. since C. after D.before ( ) 3.----I hear your father _______ to Japan once. -----Yes.He _______ there last year. A. went,has been B. has been,went C. goes,went D. has been,has been 拓展提高中考汇编
1. [10·阜康中考]—Did you see the hit New Year’s movie If You Are The One(非诚勿扰)last night? —Yes. But when I got to the movie theater, the film _____ for ten minutes. A. had begun B. had been on C. had started D. begun 2. — ____ you ______ the film City of Life and Death (Nanjing Nanjing! )? —No, not yet. A painful memory. I will see it this weekend. A. Will; see B. Are; see C. Have; seen D. Do; see

1. 读 1a.1b.2a.2c 讨论学* 词汇和短语: want to do …an English-speaking country sb need to do starting doing…exchange student 2.Listen 2a.2b (p71)

三、巩固练*:Ⅰ 选择题 ( ) 1. Mr. Li _______ Paris. He _______ Paris for 3 weeks. A. has been to, has been to B. has gone to, has been in C. has been to, has been in D. has gone to, has been to ( ) 2. The park _______ for one and a half years. A. has opened B. has been opened C. has been open D. was open
( )3 . Neither of the two boys ________ from the USA. A. come B. don’t come C. comes D. doesn’t come 2. I __________ swim _______ skate. I’m going to have some training next kyear. A.either; or B.neither; nor C.both; and D.not only; but also Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空(4 分钟,10 分) 1. It’s fun _____ (visit) an English-speaking country. 2. He has been _____ (study) English for several years. 3. She wants ______ (travel) around the world. 4. I think I need _______ (improve) English. 5. First, you must know the reason for ______(learn) English

Unit9 Have you been to an amusement park?导学案编写宋玉荣 Period 4 SectionB (3a-4)P72 导学目标: Ⅰ.词汇和短语:flight attendant discover requirement guide tour guide
a flight attendant such as all over the world rather than


Have/has +动词过去分词

一、 新知导学 A。 预*翻译下列短语 1.做某事最好的方法 2.空中乘务员 3.最重要的条件 4.导游 5、.象?这样的 ,例如 6.提高我的英语 7.开始做某事 8、帮助某人做某事 9.而不是 B.重难点句子导学 1.。 。 。 。All I ever wanted to do was travel .我曾经想要做的事就是旅游。 2.I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant . 我认为最好的办法就是成为一个空中乘务员 3.I discovered that the most important requirement was to speak English well. 我发现最重要的要求就是说一口流利的英语。 4.It was because I could speak English that I got the job.就是因为我能将 英语我才得到了这份工作。 5.In fact, it’s all I have ever wanted to be .事实上,这是我梦寐以求的 愿望。 6.Maybe when I leave school I’ll think about becaming an English teacher rather than a tour guide !或许当我毕业时我会考虑当一名英语教师而不是一 个导游吧!


1.Read 3a and answer the questions
2.针对性练* ① I want to study in an _________ country. A spoken English B English─speaking C English spoken ② It’s fun _______ another language. A to learn B learn C learned D learning 1、-Have you been to_____________(一个说英语的国家)? 2、-Why do you want to__________(提高你的汉语水*)? 3、学*另一门语言是有趣的。 -It is ____another language. 4、-_____(多久)have you been studying English? 5、-When did your father_____(开始抽烟) ?

6、-He is a tour guide.He has_____(周游欧洲) 7、-The girl in red is the _____(新交换生). ① 实际上,我现在最想做的事情就是睡觉。 ____________, now all I ever ________ to do is ________. ② 我成为这所语言学校的学生一年了。 I have __________ a student of this language school _______a year. ③ 我会考虑当一名英语教师而不是一名导游。 I will think about _________ an English teacher _______ _______ a _________ _________. ④ 大卫想要什么样的工作? ________ ________ _________ job does David want? ⑤去那儿的最好方法是乘飞机。 __________________go there is by air.

Unit9 Have you been to an amusement park?导学案编写宋玉荣 Period5 Reading p74-75 导学目标:Ⅰ.词汇和短语 on the one hand, on the other hand take a holiday
fall asleep / be asleep wake sb up be close to a wonderful/good place to do Ⅱ.重点句型 More than three quarters of the population are Chinese. 超过四分之三的人是中国人。

1.在东南亚 3.在一方面 5.超过 多余 7.做某事有困难 9.叫醒,醒来 11.睡着 2.一个度假的好地方 4.在另一方面 6.四分之三的人口 8.在白天 10.做某事最好的时间 12.在更自然的环境里